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Welcome to Dr. Kadam's Dental website. We are here to serve you because your smile is priceless and you deserve the best dental care!

We have been providing high quality, comfortable solutions to countless number of clients at the most affordable prices in our zone.

We are committed to serve our patients by providing the right information and the perfect dental solutions. We believe that this site proves to be helpful in understanding more about our practice, dental conditions, treatments & dental recommendations.

Depending upon your dental need which may be anything such as Dental Implants, Cosmetic Dental Treatment, One Day Root Canal Treatment, Oral Surgeries, Fracture Mandible Treatment, Orthodontic Treatment, Smile Makeover, Tooth Whitening, Fixing Dental Crowns, Dental Veneers, Dental Fillings, Dental Bridges or just anything related to your teeth, Dr. Kadam and his team of experts will provide the best possible quality of dental care.

Please go through our website, gather valuable information and feel free to schedule an appointment, whenever required.


Dr. Vijay Tamhane - M.D.S (Implantologists)

Dr. Tambe - M.D.S (Oral Surgery)

Dr. Datta Ghule - M.D.S (Endodontics)

Dr. Sabnis - M.D.S (Oral Surgery)

Dr. Amit Benjamin - M.D.S (Peridontology)

Dr. Deepashree - M.D.S (Oral Surgery)

Dr. Akshay Doshi - M.D.S (Orthodontists)

Dr. Vivek Patni - M.D.S (Orthodontis)

Dr. Maina Gite - M.D.S (Oral Surgery)

Dr. Subhash Bangar - M.D.S (Prothodontist)

Director of Edentulous Support Society (ESS)

Edentulous Support Society works towards enhancing the quality of life for the silver citizens. The group aims to inform and educate the people about the health hazards that occur due to the loss of teeth and to establish the choice of dental implant as the norm in dentistry that translates into better patient health.

This support group will reach to more than one lakh edentulous people by 2010 by opening counseling centers, appointing dentist affiliated with ESS.

The directors of ESS are –
Dr. Vijay Tamhane (Founder Director)
Dr. Jay Tamhane
Dr. Vijay Kadam
Mr. Shankar Athare
Dr.(Mrs.) Mayura Tamhane
Dr. Harish Sonar

Workshop on Edentulism conducted on 8th August 2009, in Mumbai



Thank You,

Dr. Vijay R. Kadam